Your success or failure as a landlord starts with the ability to market your rental property to attract and retain tenants. No matter how great your property is, if nobody finds it or moves in, you probably won’t have a great investment on your hands.

That is where effective and comprehensive rental property marketing comes in. For landlords, the list of operating expenses can be a long one. However, devoting the funds toward a rental property marketing budget and strategy is critical to your overall success.

That said, how does a landlord know if they are budgeting their money, time, and effort effectively? A well-crafted and strategic marketing plan for your real estate investment is the best place to start. Dynamite Marketing has years of experience to know where to advertise and how to get the greatest result for your dollar.

Successful rental property marketing requires local knowledge, dynamic SEO (search engine optimization), great photos, videos, and an amazing strategy using an online presence. All of which takes time and energy on the part of the landlord. So, what if there was an easier way to rent your property with confidence? Dynamite Marketing prides itself on providing full-service and effective marketing, which is key to attract high quality applicants.

We create a custom online presence for each property we manage to attract highly qualified applicants as quickly as possible. We provide a competitive rental price analysis which combines market data with our professional knowledge of current market conditions to give you the most competitive and accurate pricing. Our goal is to be realistic and effective at the same time so we can maximize your rental income.

We build a custom website page with professional photos and video tours done for each of your properties. These professional photos and videos result in renting the property much faster and is part of our 5-point marketing plan.

• Video Walk-Through
• 3D Virtual Walk-Through
• Professional Photos
• Schematic Floor Plan
• Promotional Video

We partner with other listing platforms (such as Zillow, Trulia,,, MLS, Buildium, Tenant Turner, etc) to ensure your property is receiving the exposure it needs to stay occupied.